The Next Three Seconds Protects Your Life, Your Loved Ones, Your Livelihood
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The Next Three Seconds Protects
Your Life, Your Loved Ones, Your Livelihood

Companies, organizations, and government have come a long way implementing safety programs to help keep workers safe from both minor and serious injuries. However, evidence shows while minor accidents have declined, the more serious ones haven’t, and are even on the rise in some industries. In many cases, the worker, although trained, does not take the proper precautions to keep themselves safe. In the few seconds before an accident occurs, the worker sometimes makes a risky decision thinking it’s okay to proceed.

That’s where Eastern Alliance’s N3L3 philosophy comes in – our approach to helping workers avoid fatal and life-changing injuries by alerting their instincts so they always pause and “think safety” before moving forward. This re-teaches workers to consciously and subconsciously take a few seconds to rethink the present situation: “Hey! I could really get hurt here! I’d better take a few seconds to check this out, just in case.” That’s what Eastern’s N3L3 is all about.

At Eastern, we’ve carefully studied circumstances in which serious accidents occur and determined the three seconds before a task is performed can impact the last three seconds. The chances of avoiding a serious accident are greatly improved when a worker is conditioned to stop and think about how to do the job safely. Implementing a N3L3 way of thinking creates a safety culture that instinctively changes the way a worker thinks and avoids the possibility that the “Next Three Seconds could be your Last Three Seconds".

We take safety analysis and risk management to a whole new level for employers and workers alike. Our custom-designed programs dramatically change the way employers and employees look at risk, using a solid logical approach, including:

    Helping everyone understand:

  • Fatal and life-changing events occur randomly, resulting from the chance alignment of causative factors.
  • Devoting the next three seconds to stop and assess before performing a task can positively impact the last three seconds and avoid a fatal and life-changing event.
  • We are dealing with the human element – never completely eliminating all risks or injuries, but managing them in ways that significantly reduce their likelihood.


  • Causative factors that derive from an organization’s safety climate.
  • The safety factors that can be influenced and developing ways to positively influence them.


  • A positive, supportive climate based on understanding the risks and the likelihood of a fatal and life-changing event.

N3L3 is a truly proactive approach that can help reduce the likelihood of fatal and life-changing events, increasing productivity, improving employee retention, and reducing insurance costs.

Learn how a customized N3L3 program helps achieve better outcomes – contact your local Eastern agent today.