Why Choose EAIG

Eastern is committed to providing a work environment that fosters energy, creativity and a passion for excellence. Eastern employees have a strong work ethic and have established a reputation for providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations. Our energetic team environment is best suited for an individual who is motivated, goal oriented and looking for a company that offers a positive, challenging environment where he or she can grow both personally and professionally. To attract and retain such individuals, Eastern offers competitive wages, an attractive benefits program, and encourages our employees to:

  • Grasp the opportunities for personal development that are offered;
  • Approach management to discuss any problem or question;
  • Voice opinions and contribute suggestions to improve the quality of our work environment;
  • Contribute to the communities in which they work and live; and
  • Have fun while doing all the above!

A Culture of Personal Development

A well-rounded education not only enhances the individual employees skill and knowledge base, but knowledge gained by employees through the educational process can also be shared with co-workers and add value to the organization. Eastern starts by recruiting dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who complete a comprehensive training program designed to provide an overview of Eastern departments functions. During each employee’s annual performance review, plans are outlined for his/her continued growth and development. Tuition reimbursement, job training and goal-setting are offered, along with access to an educational resource library, and paid time off rewards for employees earning advanced certifications. Eastern offers regular departmental training sessions that include guest speakers and sponsors several off-site training programs for employees. Employees enjoy many career opportunities present in a company with a history of growth and a commitment to professional and career development.

A Culture of Open Communication

Eastern believes strongly in facilitating communication among all its employees. Experience has shown that when an employee deals openly and directly with his/her supervisor, the work environment can be excellent, communications can be clear and attitudes can be positive. Therefore, we acknowledge our employees’ rights and strongly encourage all employees to speak on their own behalf, and therefore have adopted an “Open Door” policy.

Eastern’s senior management team is exceptionally accessible to all employees. Instead of the typical “executive” mentality, there is an entrepreneurial mindset throughout the company that encourages innovation, team spirit and productivity. Employees and management frequently spend time together inside and outside of the office, whether at Eastern-sponsored events or common outside interests.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Ask any of our employees who have worked with us for a long time, and they will probably tell you of the many changes and improvements that have come about in their departments since they first joined us. Employee input into our policies and processes is actively solicited and valued. We believe the person doing a job is in the best position to think of ways of doing it more efficiently and effectively and we ask our employees to give us the benefit of his/her unique experience and thoughts on improving all facets of our operation.

A Culture of Community Spirit

Eastern generously supports the communities in which our employees work and live and encourages our employees to do the same. We sponsor employee teams for Bowl for Kids' Sake, Hoops for Hunger, MS Bike Ride and Day of Caring events, and frequent toys, food, and supply drives benefit local charities, "Toys for Tots" and family members serving in the armed services. Dress down days benefit charitable causes, and Eastern's Matching Gifts program provides financial support to those organizations important to our employees. Several individuals within the Eastern family have been recognized with the MS Leadership Award and many of our employees and management volunteer their time, talents and resources to community organizations. For more information, visit the community involvement section of this Web site.

A Culture of Fun

Encouraging an energetic team environment is much easier when you’re having fun! GRAPES is a “fun” committee made up of representatives from each department who coordinate activities and events both inside and outside of work, as well as researching group discount opportunities (i.e., Disney World discounts, movie passes, amusement parks). Annual events such as the Summer Picnic, Halloween, and Holiday Party and “just because” celebrations provide our employees an opportunity to have fun, celebrate successes and come together as a team on a group level.