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Looking for a fresh perspective on paying your workers’ compensation premium?

Welcome to ParallelPay®, Eastern’s innovative pay-as-you-go product, which enables you to pay your workers’ compensation premium one payroll period at a time!

Why choose ParallelPay?

Unlike other pay-as-you-go products, ParallelPay offers you flexibility: keep your current payroll system, work with a ParallelPay Partner, or manually key-in payroll census data online!

You won’t need to pay a large sum upfront for your workers’ compensation premium; instead, you’ll pay your premiums as you pay your employees. As you or your payroll service provider updates your payroll census data, ParallelPay will debit the appropriate workers’ compensation premium amount from your checking account. It’s that easy!

And, since your premium will be based on each period’s payroll, you’ll take the guesswork out of your workers' compensation premium. You'll increase your cash flow and minimize audit premium adjustments and collections.

Best of all, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re covered by Eastern Alliance Insurance Group. EAIG is the workers’ compensation specialist, delivering fresh outlooks and better outcomes on workers’ compensation products and services to our policyholders, clients and agents since 1997.

So spend time growing your business, not writing premium checks. Learn more about ParallelPay by contacting an EAIG agent today.

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