Return to Work

  1. Reduce Future Premium Increases
    • The insurance carrier pays for the claim initially, but the insured may end up paying for it with increased premiums for years to come!
  2. Reduce Claims Costs More Than 50%
    • RTW immediately reduces indemnity payments and case reserves of a claim. Not only are lost-time days reduced, but studies show medical costs are also reduced.
  3. Return Injured Employees to Their Regular Jobs Faster
    • In companies using RTW programs, 90% of injured workers return to work within 4 days of the injury.
  4. Recover Faster
    • RTW uses work as therapy that helps injured employees recover up to 3 times faster.
  5. Reduce Fraud
    • RTW programs demonstrate that getting injured does not mean being out of work.
  6. Reduce Litigation
    • When injured employees feel secure about their employment, they’re less likely to seek out an attorney.
  7. Limit Personnel Costs
    • With RTW, the insured can limit the expense of hiring and training temp and replacement workers.
  8. Maintain Productivity
    • Without RTW, the insured pays the injured employee to stay home.
  9. Increase Employee Morale
    • RTW treats employees as valuable company assets, not disposable resources.

Case Study: Financial Impact of a RTW program (login to access)

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